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Blog reconstruction soon !

yeah i know my blog is so outdated but heyy i love it okay its so... classic lol ;p yes blog reconstruction soon ! well, if i have any mood lah haha

well actually i am so over the top for thy bloggy things ! but i reallyyy need a laptop, MY LAPTOP to do anythinggg :( the computer dkt my house is sucks like literally sucks . too siput ! huhuhuhu
i'll change everything soon , all the profile crap im sayin hahaha pretty much everything just have to wait for my new laptop !!

so yeah , here i am waiting and praying abah will be so nice and buy my new laptop because hey i miss my blog! .... and you guys ! hehehee

so long :)

Persuing my degree !

assalamualaikum heyheyyyy guys ! im so thrilled to get back bloggin ! okay maybe i am over excited well because i am ! hahaha okay.. *like how long since my last post ? I THINK ITS ALMOST A YEAR *

dah lama tak bukak blog bukan sebab taknak sebab takboleh ! huhu like i cant sign in my account in some computers , sebab tak verify email. lepastu email nya lupa pulak tu password mmg harapannnn lah nk verify bagai tu hahaha

well, i just wanted to thank everyone who approach me on twitter and facebook because you know me from my blog. and saying nice things about my blog, that is just, ahh i cant even put my feelings into words ! and thankyou to everyone that uses my blogskins and not ripped anything i appreciate that. andddd i have this one cool design in my head that i'll be making soon okay sooooon ! MUCHLOVE

anywayyyyy, just to update my current status here.....


okay just to inform , i am persuing my degree , Bachelor of Law at International Islamic Iniversity of Malaysia aka UIA ! * im not taking shariah. i tak mampu huhu *

yeah that is basically it hahaha . well actually perasaan sbnrnya agak bercampur baur.. dia cam ,Takut ; if tak dapat carry subjects baru yang agak banyak. if takdapat nk bangun pagi pegi kelas. okay i have a really i mean reallyyyyy serious issue which is takdapat tido malam. i sleep like at 4 and woke up at noon, what do you expect its cuti ! haha okay bukan sebab cuti sebab aku yg problem huhu ; takut sebab if aku dapat roommate tak supporting camne ?! ; takut tk dpt focus mcm takut tersasar pointer !

then i feel nervous, to meet new people , new environment , new lectures , new kind of learning.. macammana kalau culture shock ?! mcmmna kalau saya pengsan ?! siapa yg nak sambut saya ?? haruslah pak arabs ~ haaaaa okay hahaha im kiddin ! but yes im serious about my nervous okay !

tapi happy jugaklaa , knowing i am going a step further in my life. happy to meet my friends ! happy to start my brain engines which dah lamaaa had turned off ~~~

talking about friends, i have this one friend yang menjadi aku punya sumber informasi from the start ! i mean i am sooooo a noob ! i dont know like pretty much everything! like how to register subjects, what date bla bla everything about this degree stuff is all from her !

 i am taking this chance to say ribuan terima kasih Nur Hidayah Rahim for being so nice ! sobs *applause* hahaha and semoga nanti dapat scholarship yaa, oh did i mention this girl is a superb genius ?! ;p im gonna show her pretty face in my next post! hehe
okay so far... i dont really going shopping untuk degree ni hahaha i dont know what to buy ! or because too much things im thinking to buy so thats why lah tak terbuy-buy lol am gonna share laterr hehehee

hey you know what, its 3 am so im thinking to go masuk tidur dulu lah okay? i'll be posting the part 2 soon !walamakk ada part engko !  hahaha