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you really inspiring me :)

assalamualaikum :)

oh okay, who's the one i'm talking about? it's Puan Nurul B . she's my account teacher at my school. like the past few days, spm result had been issued. well, no straight As but many got a veryvery good results . i am so impressed even voka's student got 7A , CONGRATS kakak2 and abang2 :)
so yeah, you can see people crying everywhere, tears of joy i suppose . and of course , puan nurul said there were also cries of dissappointment, like a lot.

there was a girl,i dont know her name, she hates going to school . she escaped like everyday and started working at several places. she wanted to earned her own money, actually. she wanted to buy phone, her own laptop,wearing fancy clothes, etc. she was so tired because of the many works she had done. then she felt like , she really wanted to enjoy her school life,again. but , it was too late and she was very tired so she cant focus on her studies. her result is okay but not enough , something like that. she only got 1As which is okay and many Ds. my teacher said, it's sad . she's not 'layak' for poli,U, or even stpm. she really wanted to continued her studies but no one can help her. she was crying and crying and regretted etc . so? repeat exam? no one knows .

then there were this 3 bestfriend. puan nurul said, they reallyreally struggle for spm. they make extra work.stayback everyday. asked teacher a lot of times,study group . they have the qualities that others doesnt. and of course, their spm result sangat hebak . 

the girl's story, it's true. but i'm not typing the full story. when my teacher tell the story, she makes evryone touched.and my friend, rita suzi is crying :P so she told us that, what you do is what you get. struggle for your spm because it determines your future. sacrifice your time , energy. and do pray . 

and i'm so grateful i have friends who really supportive and understands me. we disscussed about stayingback after school and studygroup and struggling for spm andbuat jadual belajar which i dont know how to make -- 

so, thanks to puan nurul, now i am soooo semangat to belajar eventhough still malas sikit.

and now i was like,
yeah ! hey you spm, yes you ! wait for me okeh :)

p/s ; my english teacher,Puan Hairani said that we have to improve our english. just write what you want, ignore about the grammar thingies.well, since my english is sooo bad and my english comunnication, heh even my cat doesnt understands me. so yeah teacher ! i'll do that :)