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story telling.

she loves him.

he has no idea.. she wants to tell him, but its so hard. she stared at him all the time.. just to see those gorgeous eyes and that gorgeous smile.and gaze into his eyes. she dreams of time spent with him.. wishing she could see him more often..

but, he's out of her league.

and she's afraid she'll be rejected..

when he walks past the halls, or when they're chatting together, her hearts skips a beat.. but deep inside, she knows, he doesn't feel the same. and she needs him to open his pretty eyes, and look for the girl who loves the most. the girl who need him so bad.the girl who cares, and the girl who wll always be there for him. she want so much to be, more than just his friend.

she wishes he loved her..

finally he knows that she loves him..

but he doesnt know everything.he doesnt know how strongly she feels.. about how the mention of his name could lighten up her face.about how she thinks shes not good enough. and how all she wants is to be with him..and when he said he didnt care, her world fell apart. she tought, "why cant he loves me back?" *and why her?

so pleasee, dont walk away without explaining.. mybe get to know the girl more, and u might even find, that there is more to her than you first thought.
all she need is for you to lead the wayy. coz she wants to be able to spend timess with youu.
but shes scared. so come and see her sometimes, talk to her sometimes, dont be afraid to be near her. bcoz believe me, she's much more afraid .

she knows shes not perfect. and she knows she'll probably never be the one in your heart.
but blieve me, she'll always,always be there with you.

and even when u make her cryy, even if u break her heart so badlyy, she'll still loves you <3
she just want some loves backk. she wants you to be there for her too.

and you never know,
a beautifull friendship could blossom.. and you could easily fall in love.

specially for her.
hey, sometimes we have to face a situation where there is no one there beside you,no one left to understand you, and you have to face it strongly.

im proud of you, saya syg awak, sgt! ;D

p/s; sile ignore grammatical errors yg ade ye,serious , sile ignore ;D