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senyum pade kanak2 tande kasih,,
senyum pade kekasih tnde cinta,,
senyum pade org tue tnde syg,,
senyum dpan telefon tnde gile..
masih senyum lagy??mmg sah gile!!

hahaha..bukan stiap mase kite senyum,,bukan stiap mase kite nanges..
mungken skarang aq senyum,,tpi mybe nanty aq akn nanges..
senyumlaa wlaupown ia tidak dpt myembuhkn spenuhnyer rse pedih di aty..

kite akn senyum bile kite happy..
one word frees us of all the weight and pain of life..
the word is love..
love is like the sun its shines bright and warms your hearts..
feel the loves coz a first love always remains in a secret place in hearts..

aq xske tngok kwn2 aq sdeyh..*wawa jgn moody2 agy tau..ko tau x,,skali ko senyom boleyh maty smue kumbang kt malaysie nih..haha

asl ttibe masok love??well,,love is the blueprints of the happiness..
is just as a stapler will blind paper,,love will blind people..
for you musicians,,love is like a violin..
the music may stop now n then..but the strings remain forever..

immature love says:'i love you becoz i need you'
mature love says:'i need you becoz i love you'
*aq mmg suke merapu=P xnk ckp byk nanty bnde laen plak masok..haha..
just nk sume org happy diiringi dgn senyum..

it almost impossible to smile on the outside without feeling better on the inside..
happy always!!

... n smile love<3